At Consultation



Consultations are held with our Medical Director, Mr Santdeep Paun in one of our two locations in Central London. At the initial consultation, we engage with our patients to gauge their concerns about their appearance and any associated functional problems they may have.

A thorough examination and analysis is then performed. This may involve examination using specialist equipment including an endoscope to look into the nose. This may require a spray of local anaesthesia in the nose to make the procedure more comfortable.

Normal still digital photographs are taken as well as highly specialist 3 dimensional images using a state of the art 3D camera. These can then be shown and discussed using sophisticated image morphing software which allows us to go through what can be achieved and ensuring our advice matches our patients desires.

We allow enough time for thorough discussion and insist we see patients again for at least one further consultation. Our consultation is followed up with a letter detailing the important points discussed together with an individualised quote for any procedure discussed, including whether any functional parts may be covered through any medical insurance the patient may have. This way our patients can reflect on the advice that has been given over a period of time, contemplate any potential procedure and have time to think of any additional questions they may have. We never charge for such pre operative follow up consultations for cosmetic procedures.