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Platysmal band are the two ridges of muscle that you may see running vertically up your neck. These neck bands can stand out more as we grow older, so they are a popular target for neck lift surgery in the UK.

Neck Bands

The neck bands are formed by a muscle in your neck known as the platysma. The platysma is a superficial muscle that plays a role in forming some kinds of expressions. The platysma muscles aren’t usually visible on younger people’s necks, unless they are lifting weights or performing other strenuous activities that pull on the neck muscles. You can usually make your platysmal bands stand out more if you flex your neck muscles. However, if you are thin or have lost a lot of weight recently, your platysmal bands may be more prominent even when your neck is relaxed. The bands can also become more visible as we get older. The layer of fat that covers them becomes thinner as we age. The looser skin around our necks can also make the platysmal bands more visible because it can hang down around the muscles, creating what is known as a wattle or turkey neck effect. Having neck lift surgery at a UK clinic can correct these problems.

Correcting Platysmal Bands

Getting rid of neck bands is possible. One option is Botox treatment, which can relax the muscles so that they stand out less. Another option is to have neck lift surgery at a clinic in the UK. The surgeon can target the platysmal bands while also removing the excess skin from your neck. A couple of sutures can be put into the platysmal bands to make them less prominent. Targeting the platysmal bands with Botox or surgery can have the added benefit of eliminating the downwards pressure that these muscles can place on your face. This can help to prevent and reduce sagging in the lower face.

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