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Choosing a reputable clinic and an experienced cosmetic surgeon for your rhinoplasty in London is the best way to avoid problems with your nose job. Although there is always a small risk of complications with any surgery, you can at least be sure that a responsible surgeon will not recommend any procedure that risks your health or the function of your nose. However, there are some surgeons who are not so careful.

What Can Go Wrong?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in London, but it is also a very complex procedure. The surgeon should not only consider your concerns about the appearance of your nose, but also how to preserve or improve the function of your nose. Most cosmetic surgeons in the UK are now very careful about this, but we do still see some cases where a nose job has gone wrong, either by chance or because or irresponsible surgical practices. Sometimes the only issue is with the appearance of the nose, which is not as the patient would like. However, in other cases the surgery has impaired the function of the nose, resulting in breathing problems.

How Revision Rhinoplasty Can Help

If you have experienced problems after rhinoplasty, you can visit our London clinic for an assessment. The doctor will determine whether further surgery will be able to fix or improve the issues you’ve been experiencing. Revision rhinoplasty will only be offered if it has a real chance of improving the situation. Sometimes it just takes a simple correction to improve issues that occurred by chance as your nose healed from the previous procedure. In other cases, substantial work may be needed to rebuild your nose or clear your airways. Revision rhinoplasty can be a very complex procedure, involving grafts of cartilage taken from other parts of your body and very careful reconstruction. The procedure will have to be tailored to your specific needs. However, there is also a chance that, in some cases, additional surgery will not be able to help.

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