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If you’ve had rhinoplasty in the past and you aren’t satisfied with the results, you might feel wary about turning to a cosmetic surgeon for help. However, revision rhinoplasty can often improve the appearance or function of the nose.

Having Secondary Rhinoplasty

The reasons for having secondary or revision rhinoplasty in the UK are very varied. Sometimes it is purely for cosmetic reasons, but in other cases there may be more serious issues that need to be addressed. Deciding to have another operation can be difficult, so it is even more important to find a good surgeon who will help you make the right decision. You should choose a doctor who helps you feel comfortable about having surgery again and who takes the time to discuss the procedure with you in detail. Secondary rhinoplasty can be a complicated procedure and it needs to be carefully tailored to your needs.

The Differences

You might feel that you know what to expect because you’ve had rhinoplasty before, but having revision rhinoplasty in the UK will be a little different than having your first surgery:

1. The goal is usually to solve a specific issue that was caused, worsened or not fixed by the first procedure rather than to change the overall look of the nose

2. The surgery can be more complicated because the options will be limited by what was done before and there will be tough scar tissue in the nose

3. Cartilage grafts are more likely to be needed during revision rhinoplasty as there may not be enough left to achieve the desired goal

4. The revision procedure often takes longer than the first operation, because of its complexity

5. There is even less room for error, so having a skilled surgeon in the UK with plenty of experience in revision rhinoplasty is essential

6. The surgeon may need to be more creative to create a personalised approach that suits your nose

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