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A chin implant can reshape your chin, make it more prominent, or enhance the shape and balance of your face. However, before you have a chin implant fitted in London you might want to find out exactly what will be put in place.

Silicone Chin Implants

A chin implant is a small, carefully sculpted structure that can be inserted into your chin through a tiny incision. Like other surgical implants used in London, it is filled with silicone. Silicone implants have been used for cosmetic surgery for many decades, so they are a very safe and reliable treatment. The biggest difference between chin implants and other types of chin augmentation is that the implant is permanent. Unlike dermal filler or fat injections, the implant will remain in place, enhancing your appearance, for as long as you choose to keep it. However, if you decide that you want it removed, or in the rare event of a problem with the surgery, you can have it taken out.

Choosing a Chin Implant

Although all of the chin implants used at the Symmetry clinic in London are made of the same safe, high quality materials, they aren’t all alike. The silicone implants come in a range of different shapes and sizes. During your initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon, you will discuss the options and get an idea of what they might look like using 3D digital imaging. It is important to find the right implant for your face so that you can get the results that you want.

Once you are happy with your choice, you will be able to arrange the procedure. The selected implant will be inserted through a small incision beneath your chin. It will be carefully positioned under the skin and secured into place with stitches. You’ll be able to see the results immediately, although it will take a little time for your skin to heal and any swelling to go down.

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