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If you’ve always worn your hair long because you’ve felt self-conscious about your ears, then one of the best things about otoplasty will be the freedom to change your style. However, for the first few days after your surgery in London, you’ll have to hold off on the hair styling.

Washing Your Hair After Otoplasty

After you have your otoplasty at the London clinic, your ears will need to be bandaged for a few days while the surgical incisions heal. Since it is important not to get the bandages wet, you won’t be able to wash your hair until they are taken off. It’s a good idea to wash your hair just before you come in to the London clinic for surgery, so you’ll feel as comfortable as possible during recovery. You might also want to enjoy a bath or shower as you’ll have to be very careful when washing after the operation.

Once the bandages come off, you’ll be able to wash your hair as normal, or even to go to the hairdressers. However, there may be some scabbing around the stitches and your ears could still feel a bit sore. Be very careful about washing around the ears to prevent any discomfort and to avoid dislodging the scabs, but don’t worry too much about touching your ears as the stitches should hold them in place even if they are nudged.

Styling Your Hair After Ear Correction Surgery

You should be able to wear your hair as you like right after the surgery. The bandages will protect your ears if you want to cover them with long hair, but you might want to tie your hair back if your ears are sore. Once your ears have healed after the otoplasty, the surgical scar should be well hidden and you should feel confident styling your hair however you want.

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