Confidentiality and Individuality



Embracing our patients concerns

We understand the sensitive nature of the surgery we perform and always respect privacy. We commit to ensuring confidentiality as this can be a concern for many patients. We are used to treating many high profile individuals and pride ourselves in our discretion. Fully private, discreet clinic visits can be arranged upon request.

Our patients are individuals, not procedures

Simply put, we are all made different and a one size fits all solution is clearly not acceptable. Various aspects change what suits an individuals face, including other features within the face itself, age, ethnicity, skin characteristics, individual desires and aspirations and indeed other social factors such as work and life commitments may impact on what may be suitable. Our Individuality program ensures that every patient will have a bespoke consultation and advice based on his or her own unique facial structure and needs, with surgery to reflect this.

Respecting ethnicity

London is a multicultural society and our patients also come from all of the UK and indeed we have a large number of international patients from a variety of regions including the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Africa and South East Asia seeking our expert care. Ethnicity is very important for a variety of reasons including ensuring our patients individual needs are dealt with. This may include respecting traditions, sensitivities and in discussion of requested post operative results, which may vary dependent on individual racial characteristics. Having developed experience over many years in looking after our various international patients, we pride ourselves in being able to providing the very best care for their individuality.