Ear Correction (Otoplasty) in London

Otoplasty or pinnaplasty surgery can help correct protruding or prominent ears. Whilst otoplasty surgery can be performed at any age it is often done in childhood in order to avoid bullying or undue attention and teasing. Like any facial surgery any change in appearance can give much needed confidence to individuals that have previously suffered as a result of their looks. An otoplasty surgery, although focusing on the ears can transform a person's profile and can make all the difference to their life.



Is Otoplasty surgery the best treatment?

Usually the main issue with ear protrusion is that the ear cartilage isn't folded fully giving the impression the ear is sticking out. In some cases the earlobe is overly large or the whole of ear cartilage is positioned forward.

For those considering ear correction surgery for their child, it will be usually carried out under general anaesthetic whereas for adults a local anaesthetic with sedation can be enough.

The principles of otoplasty surgery are to harmoniously pin back the ears by creating a natural curvature to the form of the ear and ensure that they become a generally ignored, ordinary feature that complements the shape and line of the face as a whole.
Many patients with prominent ears feel self-conscious and try to hide the problem with their hair, particularly female patients. Being able to style hair differently can be a positive consequence of surgery for many.

A successful otoplasty operation should find the best balance for the ear position - so they neither protrude nor appear overly pinned back. Our otoplasty surgeon will also ensure the ears are symmetrical to the rest of the head.


Every surgical consultation at our London clinic will take into account patient needs and objectives. We will work with you and your family to ensure that the desired results are achievable and realistic. We provide detailed discussion and information about what will happen during the procedure and we will ensure the patient is completely at ease about the process.

Post-surgery care

Recovery following otoplasty should include resting as much as possible. The ears are likely to be protected by bandage or dressing for the first 24-48 hours and following that a compressive headband to protect them for longer. Rigorous exercise and contact with the ears should be avoided for a few weeks and your surgeon will advise a more precise date as to when your normal activities can resume. Follow up appointments for our London clinic will be made to check patient progress and pick up on any problems.



Risks of Otoplasty surgery are rare. Small areas of blood collection under the skin (haematoma) are possible and this would need drainage. There are small risks of getting slight asymmetry of the ears following the healing process and a possible unsightly scar at the back of the ear. Providing our care plan is followed then there are rarely any problems that arise. Should a patient develop any issues or have concerns before or after otoplasty surgery we see them promptly to address these problems.

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