Overseas Patients

Due to the international reputation of our Medical Director, Mr Santdeep Paun, we have a lot of patients from abroad seeking our care.

Individual care and attention

We are able to provide highly individualised care packages for our overseas patients. Preliminary consultations can be had using Skype, Facetime or other such video messaging services although it is always difficult to assess patients properly in this way and we would insist on an eventual face to face meeting. We can schedule such conversations to reflect time differences. If appropriate, to ensure minimising the time spent in the UK, we will book consultations and surgery in advance and can help our patients choose suitable accommodation close to our hospitals. It is very rare to need specialist overnight care for our patients outside of the hospital environment, but this can be arranged if required to suit an individual’s needs. Most patients can undergo surgery and go home within an approximate 2 week period, but we can advise on the time required to stay in the UK on a case to case basis.

Middle Eastern liaison office

We have translation services available for Arabic patients using interpreters from our dedicated Middle Eastern liaison team, who will also be happy to help with travel arrangements and visa requirements. Mr Paun is a leading referral source for many of the Middle Eastern Health care offices and embassies and is often referred directly patients from Doctors in the region. He has been involved in seeing and treating many patients and teaching doctors in this area on requested overseas visits in the past from Middle Eastern governments.

Patients being referred by a Health office must ensure they get a letter of guarantee for their appointments and subsequent care. We engage closely with our colleagues in these departments to make sure patients are treated promptly and efficiently.

Understanding our patients’ needs

All of our staff and hospitals are fully aware of and ready to deal with cultural sensitivities, dietary requirements and other unique issues for our international patients.