Protecting Your Ears After Otoplasty

Although otoplasty is a relatively quick and simple procedure, it will still take some time for your ears to recover. While they are healing, you will need to know how to look after them.

Ear Correction Otoplasty

What to Expect After Surgery

After your ear correction surgery in London, you should expect your ears to feel a little sore and bruised. You will have a small surgical incision hidden behind each ear, which will need to be kept clean, dry and protected while it heals.


The surgical incisions made during your otoplasty will be held closed by stitches after the operation. If these are dissolvable stitches, they will disappear by themselves. If you’ve been given traditional stitches, you will need to have them removed at the clinic in London after 5 to 10 days.


After the operation, your ears will need to be bandaged for a while to keep the incisions clean and dry. The bandages will come off at the same time as the stitches are removed, or after a few days if you’ve had dissolvable stitches.


You may be given a headband to wear over your ears at night for a few weeks. The headband won’t feel very tight as it isn’t holding your ears in place. It is just there to ensure that you’re ears aren’t bent around too much while you are sleeping.

Looking After Your Ears

While your ears are healing after otoplasty, you’ll need to take a little extra care of them.

If you have any questions about looking after your ears, or you’re concerned about the way they’re healing, you can always talk to your doctor at the London clinic.