Common Reasons for Having Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in London, but the reasons for having this operation can vary.


Cosmetic Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Most patients in London want a smaller, more shapely nose, but there are lots of different reasons for having rhinoplasty. The procedure can be tailored to achieve very different effects.
Reduction rhinoplasty can remove cartilage and bone to reduce the size of the nose by:


Augmentation rhinoplasty is less common in London, but it is popular with patients from certain ethnic backgrounds who have smaller, flatter noses. It involves reshaping the nose, often by adding bone or cartilage taken from elsewhere in the body. It can:

Other kinds of rhinoplasty can help to reshape the nose, rather than to alter its size. The nose might be made more symmetrical or the angle between it at the upper lip may be altered.

Whatever the reasons for having a cosmetic rhinoplasty, the procedure will always be tailored to each patient’s needs. The aim will usually be to achieve the desired effect in a way that fits and balances with the rest of the face. It is also usually important to preserve the patient's individuality along with their gender and ethnic identity.


Correcting Deviated Noses

Sometimes there are additional reasons for having rhinoplasty. Surgery can help to correct structural issues, including those caused by childhood or sports injuries. The surgery may be able to help with breathing problems or even to prevent snoring by repositioning the bones or cartilage.

Revisional Rhinoplasty

Although most people who have rhinoplasty in London are having the procedure for the first time, there are some people who need to have a second operation. Revisional rhinoplasty can correct issues such as breathing difficulties or poor cosmetic results after previous surgery.