Revision Rhinoplasty in UK

Rhinoplasty is a popular surgery that is carried out to refine the shape and size of the nose and is the most performed procedure in our clinic. It is also widely recognised as the most complex of all cosmetic procedures due to the variety of techniques needed to perfect the shape of the nose and the way the nose heals after surgery. As a result, the need for revision surgery is not uncommon. Our own revision rates are relatively low (about 6-7%) compared to published figures of other surgeons.

Is revision rhinoplasty surgery the right solution?

Having cosmetic surgery of any kind can be extremely daunting and to undergo corrective surgery to put right a previous rhinoplasty operation might be even more so. Revision rhinoplasty is most often performed to correct deformities caused as a result of prior surgery but may be required in patients unfortunate enough to have suffered trauma following prior rhinoplasty surgery. Patients may unhappy with the look of the nose following their initial procedure and it can also impact upon the breathing. It is, however, critically important that the surgeon feels that any further surgery would improve the current situation and gaining trust is critical.

The need for experience

When undergoing any surgery it is important to select the right surgeon and this is even more relevant when considering corrective surgery. In order to carry out a revision rhinoplasty it require the surgeon to have a specific interest in revision surgery with an advanced knowledge and experience of rhinoplasty surgery, as well as corrective experience and techniques in this particular area. Often they may also need to deal with the functional (breathing) impairments that often accompany the aesthetic problems.

The unpredictable nature of the healing process after rhinoplasty may leave subtle deformities that can be easily corrected with a revision procedure. Similarly, if previous surgery has undercorrected an underlying problem, a simple revision may give the desired look. In the case of more complex problems, it can restore a natural appearance to the nose where prior surgery has been over zealous. Such cases may require complicated reconstructive procedures involving harvesting cartilage grafts from other regional areas. Mr Paun routinely performs revision rhinoplasty surgery in UK to correct deformities left following surgery performed by other surgeons. He has an active tertiary referral practice from ENT and Plastic Surgical colleagues.


A consultation at our UK clinic will consider carefully the previous surgery and what the result of that is. A revision rhinoplasty may involve both medical and cosmetic considerations and as such our surgeon will consider both aspects. Mr Paun is a revision rhinoplasty surgery specialist in London and so will take care to explain everything to a patient to help them reach the right decision for them. We will ensure that anyone wishing to go ahead with this procedure has realistic expectations of the results. It is unusual but possible for a prior postoperative result to be beyond repair – recognising the benefits or otherwise in attempting further surgery is essential and comes with advanced experience. There are also times when our team will feel that further surgery is not the correct option – we will provide an honest appraisal that is based on years of experience in this area.

Post-surgery care

Any surgery carried out at our London based clinic will benefit from a thorough post surgery care plan. Patients will be advised on any follow up appointments and will go through appropriate lifestyle and physical care choices. Vigorous activity or sports should be avoided until the surgeon has given the all clear. As the surgery for revision rhinoplasty is to correct previous attempts it is even more important that patients adhere to a care plan to avoid disrupting progress made in the operation.


Like any surgery there can be complications and this is even more of a consideration when correcting previous surgery. Whilst our surgeon is highly experienced we will inform patients of any risks or concerns ahead of surgery. We will ensure that patients know what is realistic in order to avoid disappointment.

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