Second Opinions and Revision Surgery



We are often asked to provide second opinions, both by other surgeons and by patients alike. We are careful to provide an impartial detailed opinion that will be in the interest of our patients. Sometimes this may include advising against surgery but this decision will be made to reflect what is correct for that particular condition and need, with careful consideration for the risk vs benefit to the patient. We do not provide opinions on previous surgeons work or provide medical reports of this. Normally, legal teams will request such opinions and hence unless done through such channels, these are unhelpful, at least from a legal point of view.

Revision rhinoplasty

Whilst all of the discussion points in primary rhinoplasty apply, revision rhinoplasty surgery does merit separate mention. This operation is most often performed to correct deformities caused as a result of prior surgery but may be required in patients unfortunate enough to have suffered trauma following prior rhinoplasty surgery.

Revision surgery requires unique expertise in the anatomical aspects of the nose and advanced techniques in rhinoplasty surgery. It is important to choose a surgeon with a specific interest in revision surgery and one able to deal with the functional (breathing) impairments that often accompany the aesthetic problems.

The unpredictable nature of the healing process after rhinoplasty may leave subtle deformities that can be easily corrected with a revision procedure. Similarly, if previous surgery has undercorrected an underlying problem, a simple revision may give the desired look. In the case of more complex problems, it can restore a natural appearance to the nose where prior surgery has been over zealous. Such cases may require complicated reconstructive procedures involving harvesting cartilage grafts from other regional areas. It is unusual but possible for a prior postoperative result to be beyond repair - recognising the benefits or otherwise in attempting further surgery is essential and comes with advanced experience. Realistic expectations following revision surgery are important to avoid disappointment.

Mr Paun routinely performs revision rhinoplasty surgery to correct deformities left following surgery performed by other surgeons. He has an active tertiary referral practice from ENT and Plastic Surgical colleagues.