The 3 Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery is carried out at the London clinic for a wide range of different reasons, but there are three main types of nose surgery that can be performed to achieve different results.

1. Reduction: A nose reduction is the most common form of rhinoplasty performed in London. The procedure can reduce the size or width of the nose, or it can focus on a particular area that is out of proportion with the rest of your nose. You might have a large bump on the bridge of your nose that you want reduced, or an overlarge tip that doesn’t suit your face. A nose reduction involves removing tissue from your nose in order to create a balanced, natural appearance.

2. Correction: Having a slightly asymmetrical nose is normal, but if your nose if very far from the midline, you may want to have it corrected. The asymmetry could be something you were born with, but it can also be the result of trauma. Either way, the procedure is the same. The surgeon will reposition the bones in your nose to correct the alignment. Sometimes additional work will be needed to ensure that your nose stays in the correct position. You might need some additional cartilage added to provide support. This is the trickiest kind of rhinoplasty and it is also the most individual. The procedure will have to be matched very carefully to your needs.

3. Augmentation: The third type of rhinoplasty performed at the London clinic is augmentation surgery. Rather than taking material away from your nose, this kind of surgery can build up your nose. You might have a particularly flat bridge or a disproportionately small tip. You might also need rhinoplasty to rebuild your nose after a trauma or if you have previously had cosmetic surgery performed by an unreliable surgeon whose work needs to be corrected. Augmentation rhinoplasty works by adding cartilage where it is needed. The cartilage may be taken from your nasal septum or from another part of your body, such as your ear. In rare cases, an implant may be needed to restore a severely damaged nose.