3 Ways a Neck Lift Can Address the Signs of Ageing

Your neck is one of the areas that can really show your age, but you don’t have to put up with loose skin, neck bands or other signs of ageing. A simple neck lift procedure can eliminate these problems and restore the smooth, youthful appearance of your skin. Here are three of the common issues of ageing that can be addressed during neck lift surgery in the UK.


1. Loose Skin: The main reason having a face or neck lift surgery in the UK is usually to remove excess or sagging skin. The skin can be lifted and tightened, with any excess skin being removed before it is stitched into place. You may want to combine the neck lift with a lower or complete face lift if you have a lot of loose skin or if other areas are affected too. Your surgeon can help you to decide which areas need to be lifted and which kind of face and neck lift is right for you.

2. Excess Fat: Carrying too much fat around the neck can exacerbate sagging and make you look larger than you really are by giving you a double chin. The extra fat can be removed using liposuction during your neck lift surgery at a UK clinic. This should help to redefine your jaw and eliminate sagging jowls. In combination with a neck and lower face lift, this should leave you with a smooth, youthful neck and jaw line. The neck lift will remove any excess skin that is left over after the fat has been taken out.

3. Neck Bands: Prominent neck bands or the so-called turkey wattle that can form when loose skin hangs down from them can also be corrected during neck lift surgery. A couple of stitches may be all it takes to make the neck bands less prominent, but sometimes more work is required. Once the surrounding skin has been lifted and tightened, any turkey wattle should also disappear. This will eliminate one of the giveaway signs of ageing that can appear on your neck.